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All lessons are held in my air-conditioned music studio, within my condominium located at Mont’Kiara at opposite Solaris Mont’Kiara.

Music and Movement Course for Children

  • For ages 7 and below
  • Individual or group class
  • Each lesson includes singing, poetry recital with actions, body movement in coordination with music, playing of percussion instruments, and basic music composing.
  • Beginner Piano lessons can also be infused in these lessons upon parental request
  • Lesson frequency typically once a week

Classical Piano Course

  • All ages welcome
  • I teach using the world-renowned ABRSM Syllabus
  • Grades 1-8
  • Includes Sight-Playing, Aural Training, and Performance.

Music Theory Course

  • All ages welcome
  • ABRSM Grades 1-8

Pop / Christian Improvisation Piano / Keyboard Course

  • All ages welcome
  • Improvisation
  • Play-by-ear
  • Chord-reading
  • Playing/singing in harmony
  • Suitable for Pop or Contemporary Christian Music

Music Elective Programme (MEP) / GCE Cambridge ‘O’ and ‘A’ Level Tutoring

I ensure students are well-prepared in all 3 papers according to syllabus:

  • Paper 1 (Aural Skills, Instrument Identification, Music History, Prescribed Work, Score-reading, World Music, etc.)
  • Paper 2 (Repertoire selection, Piano Lessons)
  • Paper 3 (Composition Coursework, Part Writing)
Vocal Training
  • All ages welcome
  • Vocal Warm-Ups
  • Singing Posture
  • Sight-Singing
  • Vocal Projection
  • Singing in Harmony

Tailor-made lessons comprising of a mixture of the above is available, according to students’ needs.

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Why do I call myself a Music Tutor? (As opposed to the typical ‘Piano Teacher’?)

I don’t call myself a Piano Teacher, because there’s more to music than just piano-playing!

Here’s a birds-eye-view of what else I teach:

Music Theory


Vocal Training

Playing by ear

Singing in Harmony

Music and Movement

Music Composing / Songwriting

GCE Cambridge ‘O’ / ‘A’ Level Tutoring (Aural Skills, Music History, Music Vocabulary, World Music, Prescribed/Set Work Composition Coursework)

And of course, the traditional Classical Piano Lessons.

I want some of this and some of that in my lessons…

Want a bit of practical and theory in your music lesson?

Or perhaps some piano and then some voice coaching?

Personalized mixtures of lessons are not a problem. I offer individualized lessons according to student needs.

Discovering African Drums with 'O' Level Music students

Can’t come to my studio because you live too far away?

I deliver music lessons over Skype or Email as well! There's no running away thanks to advancement of new media.

Gamelan Workshop with 'O' Level Music Students

A particularly fun 'O' Level Music class photo!